Unleash the Power of Streamlined Seafood Manufacturing

FaaS is a custom-built fish & seafood comprehensive ERP suite made for factory owners, that revolutionizes seafood processing for all species and geographies. From raw material management to advanced analytics, FaaS ensures precision at every production stage.

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FaaS is your comprehensive ERP solution custom built for seafood manufacturing, offering end-to-end production traceability, customizable workflows, and centralized multi-factory management. Dive deep into real-time insights, specialized reports, and integrate seamlessly with Fishgram and Optimus. Elevate operations with upcoming IoT, AI, and QR advancements.



Comprehensive Production Process Tracking


Master the Production Pulse

End-to-end tracking from raw procurement to final dispatch, ensuring complete traceability and data-driven precision.

Customizable Workflow & Real-time Yield Optimization


Adaptable Workflows, Real-time Gains

Tailored workflows for each factory and species, capturing every stage for optimal yield and efficiency.

Centralized Monitoring & Multi-Factory Management


One Dashboard, Many Possibilities

Centralize operations across multiple factories, streamlining processes and boosting efficiency.

Real-Time Status Monitoring & Special Reports


Insights That Matter, When They Matter

Monitor real-time operations across factries, lots orders and harness specialized reports for data-driven decision-making.

Advanced Integrations & Upcoming Enhancements


The Future of Seafood Manufacturing

Integrate seamlessly with Fishgram and Optimus, and anticipate advanced IoT, AI, and QR capabilities for enriched insights.


How does FaaS ensure traceability across the manufacturing process?

FaaS offers a comprehensive production process tracking tool that monitors every step, from raw seafood procurement to dispatching the finished product. This end-to-end tracking guarantees complete traceability, ensuring transparency and data-driven decision-making throughout.

Can FaaS adapt to my specific factory and species requirements?

Absolutely. FaaS boasts a highly customizable workflow, tailored for individual factories and specific species. This flexibility ensures the capture of every processing stage, optimizing yield and efficiency in real-time.

How does FaaS cater to businesses with multiple processing factories?

FaaS is designed for scalability. It can manage multiple operational processing factories seamlessly, storing comprehensive data for each processor centrally. This centralization streamlines operations and is a boon for seafood distributors handling multiple factories.

What are the upcoming features to enhance FaaS's capabilities?

We're constantly innovating, and soon, FaaS will incorporate IoT devices for automated data capture, QR code labeling at the lot level for precise allocation, and AI-driven analytics to provide richer insights, further amplifying its value and user experience.