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India has one of the largest consumer markets in the world for fish and seafood. Yet, the industry is extremely traditional, depriving businesses of consistent, reliable and trustworthy sources.


More than 70% fish consuming households suffer from protein deficiency, pointing clearly to the problem of access and affordability.


We take care of your supplies to help you delight your customers every single day.

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approx % Chronic Protein Deficiency


approx % Wastage in the Fish and Seafood in Supply Chain

Farmers and Fishermen

India is one the most well endowed countries with fishing resources, engaging more than 16 million farmers and fishermen. Yet, fisheries is an unreliable source of income for a large section of them.


The prices that consumers pay have continued to increase over the years but it’s an entirely different story for producers.


We deliver better payouts & direct customer connections.

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