Tech Vision

Re-imagining the future of fresh fish and seafood

Data Driven Approach to Solutions

Data permeates everything we do - problem, hypothesis, solution and testing.

Deep Tech Powered Workflows

Constantly striving towards automation and transparency powered by deep tech.

Persona Driven

Our solution design encompasses varied user personas, from digitally challenged to power users.

Some of Our Key Initiatives

How does technology first supply chain company look like? Here's a glimpse of what we are working towards, to build the future of fish and seafood supply chain in India.


Full Service Stack for Retailers

Tech enabled services stack for retailers to boost their efficiencies in material and order management. Fish retailers need significant help in managing the dual complexity of unpredictable supplies/orders and the resulting dump.


Supply Demand Matching

Combination of fish and seafood supplies being hugely volatile, having longer supply chains and short shelf life drives enormous amount of value erosion. Our real-time commerce platform brings in the potential to bridge the gap between supply and demand.


Standardizing Quality

We are building machine based digitization of quality across the fresh fish and seafood supply chain. Our AI platform objectively grades fish based on size and visual characteristics to determine the residual shelf life.


Optimal Material Flow

We are leveraging data and analytics to enable dynamic route planning and optimization. Addressing the needs of real-time orders in an already complex operating model of perishable products needs help of cutting edge algorithms.


Digital Footprint

We are designing a one-stop fish and seafood supply chain digitization using IOT, enabling us to perform first-in, first-out inventory management across all points. This should help us in driving down the dump rate in the supply chain.